Welcome to Quebrada de los Olivos
Extra Virgen Olive Oil

Welcome to Quebrada de los Olivos

The founders of Quebrada de los Olivos had a vision, and in 2004 they created a unique, premium-quality extra virgin olive oil using a vertical integration and control process.
Our exquisite branding and seamless distribution reflects our commitment to quality and service. From the selection of the trees, to the caring, harvesting, and pressing of our delicious olives, Quebrada de los Olivos offers the finest extra virgin olive oil from Uruguay.

Our 85,000 trees sit atop the sinuous hills of Rocha, Uruguay, located only 20 minutes away from the South Atlantic Ocean.

The oils of Quebrada de los Olivos create a blend of multiple classes of premium trees, segmented in 4 varieties: Arbequina, Picual, Coratina and Farga. From mild to robust, our high-quality oils are designed to satisfy the most discerning palates and appeal to markets around the world.