About Us
Andres Rodriguez and Adriana van Hall

About us

Quebrada de los Olivos was founded in 2004, by two long time friends and colleagues, with the aim of developing a new concept in agricultural business for the Uruguayan market.

The production of high premium
quality extra virgin olive oil.

Inspired by this belief, Andres Rodriguez and Adriana van Hall started growing olive trees in their privately owned estate in the province of the Rocha in 2004.

The development of a high-efficiency, sustainable agricultural method in conjunction with a seamless process integration, allows the best oils to come alive, every year. These oils are unique, in quality and taste, reflecting particular climate and soil characteristics.

From the selection of the tree, to the caring, harvesting and pressing of premium selected olives, "Quebrada de los Olivos offers the finest extra virgin olive oil from Uruguay."