Our Lands

Our lands

While a small country, Uruguay is renowned for its high-quality natural edible products worldwide such as meat, vegetables and fruits. In recent years Uruguay has emerged as a new player in the "high-premium quality olive oil market," with many olive tree estates being born around the southern and northeastern parts of the country.
Quebrada de los Olivos estate is located on the sinuous hills of Rocha Province in Uruguay, only 10 kilometers away from the Atlantic Ocean, at 180 meters above sea level.

Our lands have light, non-clayey, soils with excellent drainage capacity an lie over an extended underground aquifer of pristine pure water, which is used for irrigation.

It is actually comprised by 85.000 olive trees distributed in four distinct varieties. Arbequina, Coratina, Picual, and Farga.

Our company defends and applies sustainable production practices, which preserve the quality of the products and protect our environment. Our agricultural and productive processes are also a reflective response to help our food chain and our ecosystem.

We believe in humble and complete agriculture methods, not imposing ourselves in the process of but helping the place develop what it can offer.

The conjunction of optimal organic fertilization, orchard maintenance and the finest technology incorporated to the estate processing plant brings year after the finest oils. Our oils are unique in taste and part of our distinct region. They reflect their characteristics of origin, including location, climate, and soil characteristics, making them exclusive and honest.