Real Estate Sales


Investing in olive groves invariably must have an emotional content but not in detriment of the expected return on investment.

For eco-friendly nature lovers, and for those who believe in the nobility of cultivating the land organically, as well as for the versed investor in the search of asset diversification and new target markets, the investment in olive groves ensures on top of the incomparable pleasure for the palate and soul, a significant return in the medium and long term. On top of that there is an intrinsic valorization of the land with olive trees in the short and medium term.

Although olive oils have been around for centuries, in recent years, the production of olive oil has become one of the emerging industries in agribusiness, proven by the increased growth in annual consumption of olive oil and its sub products.

The opportunity to invest is now

The Investment

Quebrada de los Olivos offers individual grove estates for sale. Each estate is between 14 and 17 acres with an average of 3,100 trees offering three different varieties for every 10 acres or fraction thereof.

Quebrada de los Olivos possesses the appropriate infrastructure and machinery plus the required specialized personnel to care for the groves. The maintenance service that is offered to owners of individual groves includes: natural fertilization, weed monitoring, trimming and pest control, irrigation, and tree replacement (if and when required). The estate also maintains and cares for the internal road and walkways that give access to the different groves.

In addition, we offer harvesting and transportation services and an on-site olive oil processing and bottling plant. This is extremely beneficial for any investor when they want to create their own estate-bottled oils. Another option for our investors is to have us purchase their olive oil harvest while they simply enjoy the view as their investment grows.

We also offer our clients the market placement of the olive oils in local and, more importantly, international markets.
  • By buying into the olive estates of Quebrada de los Olivos
    you are not investing in a project or an idea
  • The estate is in its seventh year of existence
    and is a functioning tangible reality
  • The trees and the land belong to you
  • The generation of an annual income in the medium
    term as a result of the production olives and olive oils
  • You can build your own olive grove retreat house
    in natural and beautiful surroundings

Quebrada de los Olivos provides you with:

  • General maintenance of your olive grove
  • Olive harvesting service
  • Oil production and bottling service
  • Local and international market placement of olive oil products
  • Peace of mind as we are invested just like you, proven by
    more than 320 acres for our own use and production